koza student ministry

A ministry with a missional-focus dedicated to the discipleship of students (6th - 12th grade)

Mission Statement:      

Partnering with Parents to equip Students to become Followers of Christ on mission with God.


To encourage Students to make Jesus Christ the foundation of their lives and equip them to grow in relationship with Him resulting in a deeply rooted faith. 

Core Components:  

Worship - Students should participate and be part of the main Koza congregation attending corporate worship with their families. Students will also be provided a weekly opportunity to worship with their peers during Rooted.

Connect - Students will have an opportunity to connect with other followers of Christ in small groups weekly during Rooted.

Serve - Students will have numerous opportunities to serve others within the ministries of Koza along with scheduled service projects on the island and/or on a global mission team. 

Ministry Execution: Rooted, DNA, Adventure Excursions, & Service Projects

Rooted - Koza Student Ministry will meet on Sunday evenings (Fall and Spring) for a time of Praise & Worship followed by Biblical Teaching. After the message, students will break out into small groups and participate in small group discussions.

DNA - Koza Student Ministry will meet on Wednesday evenings (Summer) for a time of Fellowship, Fun, & Bible Study. 

Adventure Excursions - Koza Student Ministry will plan an Adventure Excursion every other month. These excursions will provide opportunities for students to have fun and fellowship along with time to retreat for some silence and solitude with the Lord. The excursions will range from a few hours to all day depending on the activity and location.

Service Projects - Koza Student Ministry will plan Service Projects every other month (alternate months w/ Service Projects). The projects will provide opportunities to put into practice what they have been learning and be on mission with God by engaging the needs around them. These projects will be coordinated with and through other ministries of the church. 

Additional Opportunities - Koza Student Ministry will provide opportunities for students to serve as members of a global mission team.