koza online community's

guide to ccb

(Church community builder)

Join the Koza Online Community.


As a part of Koza Baptist Church, you are welcome to use and become part of our Online Community. The Online Community is a great way to get connected to what is happening at Koza and take steps in connecting with our fellowship. When you log in, you will be able to see your own profile information, the groups you are participating in, the positions you hold, your own giving record, events you might be interested in, and easily communicate with other members, and much more! You can update your profile information and make sure that our records are correct.


1. Sign-up for a username and password – Sign-Up Now

2. Check your email and retrieve your username and password. 

Please allow for up to 48 hours for this email to arrive. 

3. Follow the instructions in the welcome email. 

4. Change you Password to something easy to remember. 

5. Update your personal information. 

6. Have fun and connect with others. 

We hope you enjoy the online community!



To make sure you receive all communication from CCB, add all communication from the domain ccbchurch.com to your safe senders list in your email provider. Click here for instructions and help for how to do this for various email providers. 


CCB is a powerful tool for building community and including more people in ministry in the church. Please read and follow the CCB Online Community Guidelines so everyone has a great experience with the online community. Our database contains anyone who has shared information with us in order for us to keep accurate records and to be able to serve them better. Only appropriate church leadership can see the majority of your information. 


The Online Community is private in that only those who have a login and password assigned to them can join and members get to choose what information other Community members see. 


After your request has been accepted you will be given login and password information. All individual information gathered to our database is “unlisted” until an individual Online Member requests it to be “listed” and is completely safe. 


Children -­‐ children under the age of 12 are protected in the database so that only people who have had a background check and who work with those children can see their information. 


Finances – only you and appropriate Finance team members can see your private financial information. 

Use of the Online Community

The Online Community is intended for Online Community Participant and ministry use in order to connect and care for the people of Koza Baptist Church. 


It is not to be used for the following things: 

Solicitation – asking people to purchase something from you (or your family) for personal or business gain. 

Business purposes including but not limited to – multi-­‐level marketing, home businesses, and network marketing initiatives. 

Ministries, groups, etc. outside of Koza Baptist Church without prior approval. To get approval, speak with the Director of Family Life Ministries or one of the pastors. 


Below are instructions for several of the most common tasks related to logging in to CCB.


Login to CCB

To login, go to https://kozabaptistchurch.ccbchurch.com

Request Access to CCB

Click here to sign up,  fill out your details, and submit to receive access to CCB. If the email you use is already in our system, an activation email should arrive in your inbox soon. If your email is not in the church records, the office should send you an activation email within a few business days.  Make sure to Ensure You Receive Church Communication so the activation email does not go to your junk mail folder. 

Activating Your Account

You will receive an email from Koza Baptist Church "kozabaptistchurch@ccbchurch.com" with the subject "New Login Created."  Simply open the email and click the "ACTIVATE LOGIN" button to activate your account.   

Forgot Password (Help Article

In the Help Article, click on the sub-header titled, “How can I change or edit my Username / Password?”

To reset your password, go to https://kozabaptistchurch.ccbchurch.com/w_password.php


There are several settings in CCB that you may want to change or verify covered in the follow article. (Help Article

Change your Password

Change your Communication Preferences

Make sure to add your mobile number and carrier so group leaders can send important, last minute notifications to the entire group. It is also recommended you select “Send me emails from group participants” which is required to receive emails from group leaders. 

Change your Privacy Settings

Share as much information with others (as you are comfortable) to help promote community.  Refer to the community guidelines for how to respect others personal information. 


Profile Picture  

If you want a profile picture, please use a picture that allows other people to quickly recognize you. This greatly helps the online community. Pictures should be between .5mb and 3mb, and be in .jpg format. For additional help uploading a picture, please email the church office. You can always add links to your Facebook page in your profile to express yourself in other ways. 

Profile Information (Help Video

CCB allows you to update all your contact information for the church, eliminating the need for church staff to re-enter information you provide. Keeping all information accurate will greatly help the church staff and ensure the online database is accurate.  We care a lot about you and there two key pieces of information that make ministering to your needs significantly more helpful; your email address and your phone number.  For kids in our preschool and children's ministry programs, we need allergies and birthdates.  It is helpful for our elders, deacons, and community group leaders to know where you live and we have a Home Area of Town and Work Area of Town.  Select the ones most appropriate to where you live and work and help us connect you with each other.  Under rotation, you can let us know as much as you know about when you might be leaving Okinawa. 


CCB allows only one email address for all communication. Please use the best email address to receive serving reminders/requests and all communication from group leaders/church staff.