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Joining The Koza Family

We are so excited that you are interested in joining the community of believers called Koza Baptist Church. Joining a local church is such an important step in following Christ. God made us to live in community with one another, doing life together! At Koza, we look forward to welcoming you into our family where God uses each of us to accomplish His Mission for this body of Christ-followers. Every person who joins Koza must meet three important criteria:

1. Be a follower of Christ.
We believe that the church is not a building but a body of committed followers of Jesus Christ doing life together. The first and most important step in any person's life is receiving Jesus Christ as personal Lord, Savior, and Shepherd. For more information on how to make this decision contact us by email at or visit

2. Be baptized by immersion as a believer.
Baptism is a declaration of your new relationship in Jesus Christ. It is a response to following Jesus and a first step of obedience. Baptism does not establish your faith in Jesus Christ but is a symbolic act representing your new relationship with God. Click here to learn more about baptism or to register.  

3. Attend a Discover Koza Membership Class.
At Koza, we recognize many new members come from different faith backgrounds or have little to no faith background. That is why we have created the Discover Koza Membership Class.  We will spend about 1 hour walking you through who Koza is, our Mission as a family of Christ-followers and the basics of what we believe. You will also learn about the next steps you can take to grow in your faith and in your knowledge of the Lord and His word. The Discover Koza Membership Class meets the 1st weekend of every month on Sunday, during all three services in the pastor's office.  To ensure you receive up to date information about the Discover Koza Membership Class, click below: